Resep: Yummy Silky Chocolate Pudding Cara Bunda Krisdayanti

Resep: Yummy Silky Chocolate Pudding Cara Bunda Krisdayanti


Silky Chocolate Pudding Cara Bunda Krisdayanti. Dressy enough for Sunday supper but homier than pot de crème, this classic chocolate custard is an easy dessert that all cooks should know by heart. Slowly add the Silk, whisking constantly to prevent lumps. Bring this mixture to a boil over medium heat while whisking constantly.

Silky Chocolate Pudding It wasn't long after you all tried my Creamy Homemade Vanilla Pudding recipe that you started asking if I had a recipe for chocolate pudding that was just as delicious. And until now, sadly, I had to say no. Silky smooth, rich chocolate pudding made in a jiff, without an oven and minimal ingredients! Anda dapat memasak Silky Chocolate Pudding menggunakan 6 resep dan 4 langkah. Inilah cara Anda membuat itu.

Resep Untuk Membuat Silky Chocolate Pudding

  1. Persiapkan 500 ml dari susu cair.
  2. Anda membutuhkan 1 sdm dari tepung maizena.
  3. Persiapkan 5 gram dari bubuk jelly rasa coklat.
  4. Kemudian 100 gram dari Dark Cooking Chocolate, cincang halus.
  5. Anda membutuhkan 10 gram dari coklat bubuk.
  6. Kemudian 2 sdm dari gula pasir.

Combine the cornstarch, sugar, and salt in the top of a double boiler. Slowly whisk in the milk, scraping the bottom and sides with a heatproof spatula to incorporate the dry ingredients. Silky Chocolate Pudding Print * Cuisinicity Tip: I like to use canned organic lentils , well rinsed and drained, so it's one less thing to make--Below are brands I like, but it's simple enough to cook your lentils from scratch and keep them in an airtight container in fridge when you need them. This video shows you how to make creamy chocolate pudding with Silk True Almond beverage.

Langkah-langkah Pembuatan Silky Chocolate Pudding

  1. Campur susu cair, bubuk jelly, tepung maizena, coklat bubuk dan gula pasir, aduk rata, didihkan.
  2. Setelah mendidih, tambahkan dark cooking chocolate, aduk rata sampai mendidih dan coklat larut.
  3. Hilangkan uap panasnya lalu tuang ke dalam gelas saji.
  4. Masukkan ke dalam kulkas agar set, beri hiasan sesuai selera lalu sajikan.

Silky Chocolate Pudding Adapted from John Scharffenberger, via Wednesday Chef. The chocolate pudding is made without egg yolks and without gelatin so it's SUPER easy. It's cooked on the stovetop and made with dark chocolate, then poured into a blind- baked pie crust. The chocolate pudding is silky, smooth and thick. I used melted chocolate to give the pudding deep chocolate flavor.